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Laptop Repairs


Complaints are like software updates, a bug, poor battery management and maintenance, strange battery performance, or simply the need to replace the battery itself chennai, Kodiak solutions service center is just a call away from you.

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Mac Repairs


Complaints are like software updates MAC Book, a bug, poor battery management and maintenance, strange battery performance, or simply the need to replace the battery itself, Kodiak solutions service center is just a call away from you.

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PC Repairs


With more than 7 years’ experience in Pc Repairs, Kodiak solutions is the best computer doctor. Get rid of computer repair service, laptop service center, laptop repair service and technical support problems anytime with the help of Kodiak solutions has service center in chennai

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Kodiak solutions is the most wanted networking service provider in Chennai providing Networking Equipments, connecting your wifi coverage issues and LAN Connections to your most comfort zone. Kodiak solutions has service center in chennai

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Backup Solutions


Fixing any system issues or backup your important data so that when things crash, you don’t lose anything important stored on your systems. Talk to our experts about the options available to you.

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Computer Upgrades


Is your desktop or laptop running slow or not at an upgraded level, take it easy, call us and get your system upgraded and run it at its best to match the new technology and time.

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CCTV Repair and AMC


We providing high quality CCTV camera installation and do our installation and maintenance properly to make sure you and your systems are safe. We always work in an expedient, safe and respectful manner to our customers.

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Data Recovery


Kodiak solutions  provides fast, efficient and secure data recovery from all data loss situations like accidental deletion/ formatting, virus attack, operating system crash, natural disasters. Data recovery from any type of device like hard drive, storage system, laptops, database systems, removable media, etc.

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We Provide Instant with our Laptop Service Center in Chennai.

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Get support right away from the place you are by just a phone call. Our well qualified and trained team solves your maximum computer related problems through remote server just by taking asses of your screen keyboard and mouse. This saves much of your time and is the fast and convenient mode of service.  The services we offer include PC and laptop repairs, computer setup, software and performance issues, WIFI, broadband and networking problems, data recovery, upgrades and sales, virus, spyware and Malware removal, business.

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